What about NOTP?

According to Stephan Bodewig, the administrator of the Nokia Night of the Proms-fanpage on which we found the hidden source code information that Roxette is part of the 2009 proms, Per Gessle was seen with Dirk Hohmeyer, the promoter and organizer of the German Proms. They apparently met at the day of Per’s concert in Munich.
Here are the links for the tickets again:

Tickets for the German shows.
Tickets for the Belgian shows.
Tickets for the Dutch shows.

Bodewig still thinks that Per Gessle is doing the proms on his own as a solo artist and not with Marie as Roxette. But according to rumours that Marie will be in The Netherlands on wednesday (the day after the official NOTP press conference in Antwerpen) it’s most likely that it is indeed Roxette who will participate.

6 thoughts on “What about NOTP?”

  1. Waaah! I’ve to talk with friends to make # of tickets clear. 🙂

    I can’t imagine Per to do the Proms alone. Rather the other way around. 😉 If not a whole original band, people always expect the face, the main voice at NOTP.

  2. I can’t imagine Per doing NOTP alone, it’s about 30 shows, might be a lot, but they are split between Oct-Dec and the artists normally do up to 4 songs.. should be doable by Marie.
    Don’t know, heard many fans comment it’s true. We’ll know on 5th. So if you spot Marie in Antwerpen on 5th.. we know why!

  3. Honestly, I don’t think they’d book Gessle solo as the Headliner. You know, general public > Roxette = Marie. 😉 If solo, then only as 2nd or 3rd act. The fanpage says act #2 will only be announced in September…

  4. I still doubt that either Roxette or Per solo will attend at NNOTP. Fortunately it’s Tuesday soon, so we will at least know a bit more :-X

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