Roxette in Barcelona 2001

Completing the good news on a sunny day I can offer you a nice audio recording of the 2001 Room Service show in Barcelona. I didn’t know it and maybe some of you didn’t, too. Enjoy it!

Enjoy it and get ready for the Proms!
Thanks to neoangelus from the German forum for sharing this beauty with us!

4 thoughts on “Roxette in Barcelona 2001”

  1. I’ve got it for few months since someone published the link on TDR board. Nice to see that there are even leaks in our little rox-world 😀

  2. I actually think that the times of “hiding stuff from other fans” are over. I share what I get.

  3. I agree, it is just great when people just share the stuff so that everybody can enjoy it. I saw in Pink forums this is just this way now, people don’t hide stuff anymore or think they are more important because they have something “rare”. This is the point of this website as well.

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