German radio station HR3 reports from the NOTP press conference.

Impressions she got:

– The HR3 reporter was the first to interview Roxette after the announcement, to warm them up for two following TV interviews.
– Marie looked beautiful but at the same time you can tell she was seriously ill. She needs a bit of help for stairs etc.
– She often leaned on Per for comfort, was rather silent but radiated happiness.
– The most moving interview the reporter ever did.
– Per promised new songs, joked to write them in the waiting times on tour.
– Roxette will play five songs at NOTP.
– Marie is glad to make a slow way back to the stage this way.

You can listen to this report (in german) at the station’s website: HR3

3 thoughts on “German radio station HR3 reports from the NOTP press conference.”

  1. I understood practically all of it, but didnt get the bit after she mentioned marie needed help with the stairs. Something about watching out for glass doors, or if a glass was next to the door…??

  2. You got it right. She said that glass doors are difficult to walk through for Marie. (the reason we know)

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