Press writing about the Amsterdam surprise

Especially Swedish press published some nice articles about last night’s big surprise in Amsterdam. Some excerpts:

Per about Marie’s reaction afterwards: “She was completely overwhelmed by the response we got. The audience had a big smile on their faces and the whole room had goosebumps”.
There’s also rumours about another performance by Marie in Stockholm, but it’s not decided yet. Join here, if you want to get Marie to conquer the stage in Stockholm!

Furthermore, as we learned before, Marie and Per are going to record new songs in autumn (take your time guys, we want GOOD songs, please no more OW if possible) but it’s not sure how and when they are going to be released.

3 thoughts on “Press writing about the Amsterdam surprise”

  1. Thanx for summary!

    “take your time guys, we want GOOD songs, please no more OW if possible”

    Agree. I’d be happy to wait for spring 2010 to get a whole new album instead of some hastily produced songs attached to a compilation. Maybe a one-off single to promote a live album (best performances ever) in autumn. 🙂

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