Together we crashed the party!

Two days have passed and still the feeling of the Party Crasher tour is there. None of all Rox and related tours I have joined can compare with this one. It was special for several reasons. It was special because it was a club tour. I guess none of the concerts outside Sweden was sold out and that made it even more special. It felt like that really those people and fans who really cared joined and crashed the party. Fans who waited for this possibility for years and who didn’t care if it was sold out or not. I always dreamed of seeing Roxette live in a club. Now at least half of the dream came true. And it feels like even Per and the band enjoyed this little tour that left us so delighted and longing for more. As Per wrote on Twitter it finally makes sense. It’s about the music, getting people together who share a passion, having fun together from the first to the last minute.

This tour was special because people finally got over some resentments. Differences between the fans of all the different countries didn’t matter in most of the cases. Ok, here and there reports of pushy Germans or pushy Spaniards popped up but nearly everywhere people finally talked to each other, with each other and even shared an evening together in Stockholm after the first gig at the Cirkus. Finally we can have fun together, just as it needs to be. Small venues, all the die-hard fans – yeah, we finally see what really matters. I hope we can preserve this feeling until NOTP. It was so nice to get to know other fans from other countries and it’s so important to talk TO each other not just ABOUT each other. Keep that, guys!

This tour was special because we fans finally had the chance to see Roxette live on stage again. It was a moment of history when Marie entered the stage in Amsterdam. I never, really never, heard people shout and scream that loud. Not even in Stockholm. Maybe Stockholm just sounded louder because there simply were more people. But Amsterdam was THE moment. Even though Marie really kicked ass in Stockholm like never before. She seemed to feel a bit more secure on stage in Stockholm after the Amsterdam gig. When It must have been love in Amsterdam ended people were crying, they were hugging each other. We were one again, longing for the same thing, enjoying Marie and Per on stage, smiling, laughing, crying, happy all over. The Roxette chemistry is still there.

This tour was special because Per finally found his way back to strong guitars, a hard sound that made Joyride and The Look and all the other songs rock like they never rocked before. It rocked the house inside out and it even got better when Marie joined Per and they obviously started jamming at the end of the song. That’s how we love it. Keep it! We still can’t stop dancing, singing and shouting. The good old Roxette songs rock like they haven’t since 1994.
This tour was special because Per finally found his way to Europe and all fans – Eastern and Central Europa – showed him that they are still alive and supportive as maybe never before. It was also special for the fact that Per – tired or not – came out nearly every night to sign stuff, to say hi and to smile for tons of fotos. He finally found his own way to his fans and to the audience when he started to look at all the first-row-people not only once but again and again, night after night and recognizing those faces and seeing that it’s them who are there for maybe 20 years now. Every day he gave us small videos from behind the scenes showing that they really enjoyed the whole thing. He should keep that!

This tour was special because it ended with Per and Marie standing at the window of the Stockholm Cirkus waving to all the fans who can’t wait for autumn to come. For me it’s a perfect picture to remember the next months. Per and Marie, holding each other, waving and smiling. Roxette are back! And Per paved the way for it with his great tour.
Thank you Per and the Heavy Metal Kids, thank you Marie and all you people behind the scenes who made it possible.

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  1. Nice article! Another special point is that Per made the tour available even for all the non-concert-goers via Youtube clips on and back stage. I somehow feel like I joined the tour despite sitting at home! Keep that as well for the fans who can’t visit the proms! 🙂

  2. kiwein, great great article, you really catched the atmosphere (in my humble opinion) 🙂

  3. Kiwein :

    I actually mentioned the YouTube-Videos. But thanks!

    Yes, but I wanted to point out the remote watching aspect, without actually going to a gig… 😉

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