Big interview with Per, 2 new Roxette tracks

There’s a big interview with Per on, mainly about the Party Crasher tour experiences. The band members promised each other to let this tour literary “never end”. Per will fly to NYC to get an US release for the album.

Today I asked Per on twitter if Roxette aim for a whole album or just some tracks. He responded “2 tracks. that’s it for now.” Not exactly the answer I dreamed of! But we’ll see how it continues. Wonder how these songs will be released…

Update: The interview was moved to The Daily Roxette.

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  1. I think Per thought two new songs right now to be ready for the autumn comeback. Then they will go to the studio during autumn, so more songs wil probably come. More songs for the whole album. Hopefully.

  2. Can you tell me how you post messages to someone on twitter? I have got my account and when I just click on ‘reply’ on one of Party PLeaser messages does it mean he gets it or what do I need to do?
    PS I’m in the UK and the website is workig ok so far.


  3. Yes, but I asked him if he/they aim for an album… Anyway, wonder when they wanna go to the studio in autumn since they are on tour from October (rehearsals before start) to year’s end. Hope they use the spare time on tour for creative work (writing, demos).

  4. Kahna: you have to log in in twitter with your user. Then when you are in the main page, where you see the box where you can write your 140 characters, simply add @PartyPleaser at the beginning and then write your comment and submit. This message will then go to Per and he can read it.

  5. I’d love to get a proper translation of that and other recent Swedish articles (SVD, GP…). Sometimes it sounds like recording in autumn, sometimes like releasing…

  6. That’s how it sounds. Knowing Swedish doesn’t help me much, cos it isn’t clear to me what kind of form this reunion will take, except “Night of the proms” tour. In one interview Dimberg says no to a new album, in other Per was reffered as saying that Roxette would release two new singles in the autumn… Time will tell. Two new songs on a one single or a motion-movie track wouldn’t be a bad idea?

  7. Oh my, now this is dissapointing… My excitement about Roxette’s comeback lasted what? A week? The fact that there will be no new album just killed all my hopes. Why did Per have to say in that TV interview at the NOTP conference that they were going to record a new album if they are not going to do that? He should me more careful with what he says, we’ve been craving for rox for the last 7 years! And I seriously doubt those 2 new songs will be any good. On the contrary, this sounds like another One Wish/Reveal fiasco…

  8. he didn’t say there will be a new album, he said they would like to make an album, but that if they make it, it has to be the best they’ve done ever. Marie added that would be great or something like that, but at least I didn’t understand they were promising a new album.

    I think he said they would start with a couple of songs and then see?

    Makes sense to me

  9. I actually didn’t see the interview (or at least THAT part). Any links to it? Or am I blind? He’s right about making the BEST album IF they do one. Maybe it’s because everyone’s still pissed with OW…! I can live with only TWO songs when Per and Marie find their way back to TRUE music, true instruments and a PURE sound and make us feel that they FEEL and LOVE what they’re doing. No match for OW here..

  10. The dreaming about album interview is here, at the end:

    Per didn’t say that they won’t do an album. Just that they’ll do 2 songs for the start. Maybe that leads to an album but it’s probably too early to promise one, him knowing our excitement…

    So my current guess/hope is:
    – 2 songs recorded in summer, to be released in autumn.
    – Marie and Per playing around with ideas/songs while on tour. Per said something like that. 2 months where they should have much time to spend together.
    – that hopefully leading to the fantastic album they dream about in interview above.

  11. yes, I prefer two songs for them to see if they can work together (after all, they haven’t really done it for a long while!! OW was more like Marie singing the lyrics to some random song..), and see if they can find eachother again (which I think they will, judging the performance in Sthlm!) and they can find a way to enjoy what they are doing as Rox, then it might work 🙂
    But I think they are themselves aware of this, Per said in some interview he doesn’t want Roxette back if it means working together as they did for RS or HAND. I guess they kind of got tired of eachother :S

  12. Thanks Sascha! Just watched it again. And I love the way Marie says “yes” to a new fantastic album with her own words and signs….aaaah, when Marie really’s got that Roxette feeling back I think we can expect some very good stuff.

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