Party Crasher-DVD at the end of summer

According to Per Gessle, the Party Crasher-tour DVD will be released at the end of summer all over Europe and contain about 100 home videos. Per also tells that several live tapes from European shows exist and they (Christoffer and Per) are listening to them these days. Furthermore the audio recordings are supposed to come as a live CD in a package with the DVD.

2 thoughts on “Party Crasher-DVD at the end of summer”

  1. You forgot to mention double live-LP. It seems there’s going be one, very, very long celebration this autumn. Night of the proms, re-release of Roxette albums, two new songs, DVD, LP, CD… and maybe there’ll be Marie’s turn to record her new solo album? 🙂

  2. Yeah, unfortunately I wrote the article before we had the double live-LP information and now I am too lazy to update it…

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