8 thoughts on “Roxette to enter studio this summer”

  1. Sounds great that they’re lusting to work together again! Doing what they really like and not what the industry demands. It’s no entire album for now but who knows where the studio work and NOTP tour leads..! Regarding the new tracks I strongly hope they come up with a better idea than another GH album to release them… My vote goes to something like the TOURISM album! 😀

  2. If I had one wish… it would be to release maxi single with 2 songs and two older songs just to promote theirs discography re-release 🙂 A song for a film wouldn’t be stupid idea either.

  3. Do you think that works? A single release to promote albums where the new songs aren’t featured? The rec company won’t make money with a single alone.

    I’d still love another Tourism style album! Some new studio tracks, some acoustic versions, some unreleased songs, some live tracks. 🙂 Of course a soundtrack single wouldn’t be bad as well, but how to get a prominent placement in a good movie? ???

  4. Well, even if it isn’t so obvious thing to do, I suppose only hardcore fans will be interested in new songs so who really cares if it’s going to promote their discography re-release or a new album or whatever? 🙂

    It depends also if we want to have a new Rox song in a GOOD movie or in a BLOCKBUSTER. Cos having song in the good film isn’t really difficult – Anton Corbijn is currently working on a new film and I suppose Jonas will release something soon 🙂

  5. Judging from the feedback to media reports there’s still quite a big interest in new Roxette material – if done the right way.

    I’d say blockbuster! And good placement. Who cares about the movie, it’s just about free media presence. Even in friendly Åkerlund’s Spun you could barely hear Stupid…

  6. Spun was a interesting production and as for me it would be great if they put a song in this kind of film. And yes, I did hear “Stupid” there. It wasn’t easy though.

  7. Let’s contact Julia Roberts and Richard Gere to film something together again for new Roxette song. 😀
    Tourism 2 is good idea. Tourism 2 album with 4-6 new songs, live songs, outtakes, fav demos or remixes and then RoxBox with all 7 studio albums, each one with outtakes, demos etc.
    But much better suits me don’t waste with new songs and release new album asap. At the most one new single with new b-side during autumn and full new album then. Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011…

  8. The last Roberts/Gere movie wasn’t that great… But I agree, full album is by far the best option.

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