Breakfast with Christoffer and Magnus- interview exclusive for!

Source: presents an interview made by the fans for the fans. Taken from the website:

We had a breakfast with two members  of Per’s band which tour with him in Party Crasher tour. This happened in Prague the day after the concert. We spent an hour and a half in the company of Christoffer and Magnus; Pelle was there but he didn’t participate at the interview, we just ran into him there at the restaurant. You can see all the pictures from the interview at the Gallery section in the left menu, or just click HERE. They clarified some of the music industry aspects, they gave us details about Per that we didn’t knew. We smiled all the time, we walked very happy and enthusiasts from that meeting. We have prepared only 15 questions for the interview , but they were so kind to explain to us what is like to tour with Per. We hope you like it. You can download all the interview here:

thanks to Tono from Slovakia.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast with Christoffer and Magnus- interview exclusive for!”

  1. Thanks, interesting parts to the interview, but I think it’s about time they got over per not touring in Romania. It’s hardly the most important country in the world.

  2. the Romanian fans found your comment offending for their country and being Romanian.
    I don’t think you meant anything wrong with it? 🙂

  3. Ah wow! IMHO it wasn’t that nice to say; I guess no-one would be happy to hear they should forget them playing in their country because theirs is not important or whatever reason; why should these countries be excluded like this? I was very glad Per included the Czech Republic in his tour; in Poland they also had to wait till now so who knows next time? One can always wish and hope for the best.

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