Per Gessle’s London show finally available

(UPDATED) After the first broadcast of Per Gessle’s show in London on Sirius crashed the audio file is finally available for download as well as the Stockholm performance of Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson on May 10th. A big thanks to Sweepi for uploading and sharing.

The Look and It must have been live from Stockholm

Nordic Rox 03.06.2009 | London concert 04.05.2009:


Since the links don’t work constantly, here’s another way to download the show and the interview with Per Gessle:

London show:

And here are the interviews from that same broadcast on Nordic Rox:

The two backstage interviews with Christoffer & Per:

Thanks to Shirley!

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  1. tomos, if you download audacity you can easily split the file into separate songs if you wish

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