Gessle over Europe – live LP order

The Live LP order:

Gessle over Europe – LP

1. Dressed for success (Cologne)
2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her (Cologne)
3. Stupid (London)
4. The Party Pleaser (Stockholm 1)
5. Wish I could fly (London)
6. She doesn’t live here anymore (Copenhagen)

7. 7twenty7 (Amsterdam)
8. I have a party in my head (Amsterdam)
9. Late, later on (Amsterdam)
10. Listen to your heart (Cologne)
11. Do you wanna be my baby? (Copenhagen)
12. Opportunity nox (London)

13. Doesn’t make sense (Cologne)
14. Church of your heart (Stockholm 2)
15. Dangerous (Stockholm 1)
16. Joyride (Stockholm 2)
17. C’mon (Warsaw)
18. Are you an old hippie, sir? (Warsaw)

19. The Look (Halmstad)
20. It must have been love (Cologne)
21. Hey Mr DJ (Amsterdam)
22. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone (Munich)
23. Sleeping in my car (Amsterdam)
24. Queen of rain (Cologne)

6 tracks from Cologne
5 tracks from Amsterdam
3 tracks from London
2 tracks from Warsaw
2 tracks from Copenhagen
2 tracks from Stockholm 1
2 tracks from Stockholm 2
1 track from Munich
1 track from Halmstad

In bold: these songs will be missing on the CD version

So now we know that there won’t be any Roxette live songs on this album and it’s very probable that three songs from London show will be the same as these from Sirius programme. The same will probably happen with Stockholm 1 which will be on DVD.


6 thoughts on “Gessle over Europe – live LP order”

  1. too bad IMHBL and The Look with Marie are not included. Would have been nice since there won’t be any of them on the DVD…

  2. not even from Amsterdam.. which was actually.. THE special moment. Sometimes I don’t understand this guy… I guess he wants to have his versions all around. Well… maybe as bonus?

  3. Well, after all we have two songs from Stockholm 2 and it’s better than nothing. But still – I’ve hoped there will be little Roxette moment on live lp, but it seems like he wants this album to remain HIS and not Roxette’s. I can understand that, but it doesn’t mean I accept it.

  4. Haha, Judith, first thing that came to my mind was: “Some things in life won’t ever change”. 😉 Writing this I think I have to listen to The Rain again..

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