New Roxette single in October?

According to yesterday Expressen’s (swedish tabloid newspaper) article we might expect new Roxette single in October. In the end of an article about Per’s forthcoming live album is written, that duo is planning to release a new single in the context of the forthcoming (Night Of The Proms) tour. The tour starts on October 23rd. Expressen article can be found here.

6 thoughts on “New Roxette single in October?”

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    But..I don’t know why but I love the autumn releases. It reminds me of a very active time I had back in 2002, just before MF got ill. I can remember how we waited for ATAY to be played for the very first time. We chatted the night before (until 1 am) and we were back online at 6 am again. Crazy! I am really looking forward to their new stuff. Somehow I expect something good this time, just a gut feeling. <- Show me this if we got another OW!! 😉

  2. I remember these moments of waiting for Wish…, The Center…, A Thing…. I love these feelings of looking forvard to lead singles. Hope we’ll get new song before tour starts. (and hope for another masterpiece like Wish I Could Fly). But if will studio works starts in September than christmas time is the more probably. And yes, I like autumn time too. I believe we’ll get brand new album next (2010) autumn.

  3. Well, to be honest, there’s nothing new in this articles. It just repeats the same ol’ news that Per shared with journalist just after NOTP news. That there might be new single in the autumn, but nothing is sure, nothing is decided. And I don’t really see the sense of releasing something new right now, cos they won’t perform this new track on forthcoming tour, right? So does it make sense? But if it’s going to be song for a film, then it would be something to wait for… :]

  4. I still think that best thing for the real comeback is release of a new song(s). Something like, “hey, we are back and we are taking it seriously”. No mather if it’s only ‘comeback single’ declaring “this will be our new sound” or a ‘movie soundtrack’. For sure, movie soundrack will be best choice.

  5. I thought the font changed when I updated to the new firefox.. and upgraded to the newest WordPress.. will investigate, even though I don’t think it looks ugly. you?

  6. I think it looks fine! As long as the body text doesn’t change to serifs (like on TDR).

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