Per Gessle on MJ’s death. Sort of.

Today on DagensSvenskbladet, Swedish humorous site, was published an article about Per Gessle and “his close relation” to Michael Jackson entitled “Gessle: It could’ve been me as well”. The title says all. To be honest, I do not see any point in translating more of this fake interview. I suppose, it was thought to be funny, but I do not really think it is.

(Updated) Per commented on it on his Twitter page on July 11 :

No, this “interview” is 100% fake. It’s supposed to be funny, I think. Didn’t get it though.

By the way – the only thing Per said regarding the death of Michael Jackson was on June 26 on his own website:

Incomprehensible and terribly sad. A master has left us. We will never experience anyone like him again.

Source:, Twitter