Steamy ol’ wagon called Roxette.

Marie Fredriksson at Grammisgalan 1989Here are the list of rare Roxette live and playback performances from 1989 and 1990. Some of them might be well-known, but there were few I haven’t seen before. Check out them.

Dangerous (Live in Hamburg 1989)
Dressed for success (Live on Festival Bar, Italy 1989)
Dressed for success (Live in Globen, Stockholm 1989, broadcasted on February 19)
Dangerous (Swedish Grammisgalan broadcasted on April 9, 1989 on SVT1) – Marie and Per get one Grammy-prize each
Dangerous (TV-playback 1990)
It must have been love (Recorded at Grand Hotel in Stockholm, for Japanease market)

Thanks to Lionel Zaragocin.

Source: Roxette on TV