Gessle’s songs of the day (May-July)

Per Gessle posts his own song(s) of the day every day and informs all his follwers about music events he took part in. I thought it would’ve been nice to have all these interesting informations in one place.

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Of course, it’s going to be updated.

July 14:
Ruby, don’t take your love to town. Kenny Rogers. Great beard.

July 13:
Evil hearted Ada. The Flamin’ Groovies. Used to play this a lot with the GT-lads late 70’s.

July 12:
Fleet Foxes are quite good.
Sunday treat: Found my old Paperback writer/Rain 7″-single!!! (Info to all you young people: It’s by The Beatles!). My God, it sounds good!

July 11:
Cars. Gary Numan.

July 10:
@tevensso Excellent choice, sir!

(tevensso: Song of the night: It Never Rains in Southern California – Albert Hammond)

July 9:
Outstanding song of the day: Urge for going. Joni Mitchell.
Telstar. The Tornados.

July 7:
Forever young. Dylan. Live at David Letterman 1993. It’s on YouTube.

July 6:
Red balloon.Tim Hardin.

July 5:
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood. Did you ever.

July 4:
Have you seen her. The Chi-Lites. Magnificent.

July 3:
Can’t make up my mind between L’important c’est la rose/Gilbert Becaud & Making plans for Nigel/XTC. Can you?

July 2:
Waiting on a friend. The Rolling Stones. Made for the shade.

July 1:
Somebody to love. Brad Newman. There’s a Swedish version as well. Någon att hålla i hand. Sven-Ingvars. Almost as good.

June 30:
Sweet Tuesday song of the day: Steve Miller Band: Fly like an eagle. Sounds old. And young.

June 29:
I don’t like Mondays. Boomtown Rats. Never liked that one. Manic Monday. Bangles. There you go.

June 28:
Sunday Ditty of the Day: Sally Simpson by the Who. It’s on Tommy.

June 27:
Duncan. Paul Simon. A masterpiece, never liked the flutes, though….

June 26:
Billie Jean. MJ. Outstanding. Unbelievably good.

June 25:
Hard to handle. Patti Drew. They don’t do ’em like this anymore!

June 24:
Invisible to her. Brainpool. -“And all the boys are goin’ aaaah!”. Brilliant!

June 23:
A man without love. Engelbert Humperdinck. You need music like this once in a while.

June 22:
Donovan. Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness).

AC/DC last nite. Excellent popcorn!

June 21:
Fresh strawberries and Bend me, Shape me (American Breed). Flavours of the day.

June 20:
Anything by Erik Satie…………………………………

June 19:
Neanderthal man. Hotlegs. Cheers.

June 18:
She’s so high. Tal Bachman. Hated it on the radio a couple of years ago. Love it now. Is there a lesson to be learned from this?

June 17:
Watched quite terrible David Bowie-DVD “Plastic soul review” last nite. However, song of the day must be his Young Americans. Superb!

June 16:
Rebel yell. Billy Idol. Purrfect. Followed by All the way to Reno. REM. When they’re good they’re outstanding.

June 15:
I love the nu Jonas Akerlund-video. Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. is where it’s at. Don’t know what’s happening but I like the song too.

“Goin’ back”. The Byrds.

June 14:
Sunshine on the westcoast! BBQ and old Jethro Tull.

The Sounds new album sounds very good.

June 13:
Saturday in the park. Chicago. Ha ha ha ha ……

June 12:
Playing “Hold me” from Russell Smith’s first solo album (on vinyl!!!). Produced by Barry Beckett & Co. Brilliant!

Barry Beckett dies. Such a shame. Extraordinary musician. Muscle Shoals. Check out, f i, Paul Simon’s There goes rhymin’ Simon. A treat.
The Friday Take-Off: Believe I’ve found/Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Reading a most fab book: “Bob Dylan – The songs he didn’t write”. About the covers he’s recorded & performed. A thrill.

June 11:
Can’thelpbutthinkin that Basse Wickman’s Son of Cathy’s Clown is the best Swedish single ever! Such a great voice (nevermindtheKnopflergtr)

Anders F. Rönnblom “Jag kysste henne våldsamt”. Pump up the volume!!!!

June 10:
“Walking out on love ” Paul Collins’ Beat + “Supersonic” Oasis. It’s one of those mornings…

June 9:
Just like a woman. Bob Dylan. Live 1966 Royal Albert Hall. Some of the most beautiful music ever made.

June 8:
Song of the afternoon: Harley-Davidson, sung with love & affection by Brigitte B.

Cry baby cry from The White Album. I never quite got over the fact that the Beatles broke up.

June 7:
Never gonna give you up – Rick Astley. The 80’s are underrated!

June 6:
BOHEMIAN LIKE YOU The Dandy Warhols. Should be played every Saturday morning!

June 5:
“Dizzy” Tommy Roe. Makes you wanna dance with the cornflakes.

June 4:
Just came back from Sthlm Stadion. Bruce sounded terrific, he even played Who’ll stop the rain but Gabriel & me were freezing our asses off!

“Feel like makin’ love”. Roberta Flack. Awesome.

June 3:
Someone is playing “Broken down angel” by Nazareth. Haven’t heard that one for years. Must be this crazy neighbourhood….

Ain’t it strange/Patti Smith Group. Fantastic. Can you believe Gyllene Tider played this -78? I made a Swedish translation. And we played John Cale’s “Helen of Troy”. “Flicka av guld” was the Swedish title if I remember it right… Got it on cassette somewhere..

June 2:
“Snow angel” by Ron Sexsmith. Just what we need for summer!

June 1:
Peter Bruntnell’s version of “Waterloo sunset”. Just dandy!

May 31:
Additonal suggestion: Whatever happened to my rock’n roll. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Makes you wake up.

Mothers’ Day. Song of the day: Take your mama for a ride. Lulu. 1976. Swell.

May 30:
“Dreams are ten a penny” by Kincade. Great production, great song!

May 29:
I just listened to Washington County by Arlo Guthrie. i loved that album as a kid, it still sounds like I remember it. Great sleeve too!

Almost song of the day: Dick Mixon’s wonderful remix of “Silly really”. He’s so talented, folks, you wouldn’t believe it!

“Everybody’s got to learn sometime” by the Korgis. Beautiful.

May 28:
Bo Diddley on the iPod. Oh yea.

Forgot about how overwhelming and ass-kicking Bowies’ Ziggy Stardust is! Oh man, play it again, please!

May 27:
More Steve M! Check this out & get blown away: OUTSTANDING!!!!

May 26:
No, haven’t seen Madonna since Paris 200?. However, got tcts to the Gbg show! She was at our gig at the Beacon, NYC 1992!

May 25:
Checking out Small Faces on youtube. “Tin soldier” is on my Top 10 best-song- ever-list. There will never be another Steve Marriott!!

Mama said by Nick Lowe is from “E.P.” Pretty hard to find these days. Good luck with it.

B-fast in the sun, Josh Rouse & Little Richard on the iPod, great Indy race last nite. Awopbopaloo.

May 22:
Meetings are up. Headin’ for New Jersey and Springsteen’s hometown-show. Sean Penn in the hotel lobby. We all love him.

Brooze in New Jersey last nite was a mesmerizing experience. I like Radio Nowhere for some reason. The crowd was the best I’ve seen.

I like Brooze when he’s showing off his pop side. Cover me, Hungry heart, Wauting on a sunny day, I don’t like Rosalita & Jungleland. Sorry.

May 17:
Someone next door is playing Dr Hook’s version of “Only sixteen”. What a great idea!!!

Xllent choice of music, Gabriel! Kim Fowley’s behind B. Bumble & Co! Kool kat indeed!

Keith Urban on the iPod? I met him in the gym at the Bev Hills Hotel a couple of weeks ago. Nice guy, b-ful wife!

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