“The Look” covered by rockabilly band “The Baseballs”

Posted on June 28th: German rockabilly band The Baseballs included a cover of “The Look” in their first album “Strike”, which was released in May 2009.  The album also includes covers of Rihanna, Robbie Williams and Maroon 5 among others.

Digger, singer together with Sam and Basti, explains why they choose “The Look” in an interview published on Münstersche Zeitung yesterday, “we wanted to give the album a personal touch. I chose “The Look”, which I relate to my start with music. It was my sister’s first LP and the first song I could play on keyboards.”

I personally find the version of “The Look” one of the best on the album, but you can judge yourself on YouTube, where you can also listen to other songs included in the album.

If you want to learn more about the band, you can visit their homepage (in German) or page on Facebook. And if you’ve been convinced by their music, you can buy their CD on Amazon.de

Update 18th July: just found out that there is another German band who already covered “The Look” back in 1991. The band is called Boppin’B and they named the album containing the cover “The Look”.

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