6 thoughts on “Marie in Spain.

  1. She doesn’t specify, but I assume Marie’s been there with Mikael at least.

    I wonder when rehersals with NTOP orchestra will take place?

  2. I don’t think rehearsals start before september. I think they’re busy with the New Wave festival and recording the new songs first. I actually wonder WHERE the rehearsals take place. 😀

  3. Oh, I would totally forget about New wave-thing 😀 Well, we still don’t know if NWF will be toally live, singback or playback.

    Orchestra rehersals will start in Antwerp in the middle of October, I think. NOTP starts on October 23…

  4. I thought maybe the family is staying in Marbella while Marie is making some money 😉

    NOTP rehearsals with full orchestra should take a bit longer than a 10 days. Didn’t they already rehearse at 9/11 2002?

    Probably first band/act and orchestra each on their own, later combined. The NOTP musical director is currently travelling to the bands, to coordinate the songs/arrangements.

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