Danyela’s “En händig blog”.

One of the most creative, incredible and craziest fans in the rox-world, Danyela Etchart from Porto Alegre in Brazil has started her own blog-site “En händig blog” (Handy blog) which is written both in Portuguese and English. There are many pictures, stories and jokes from her long and amazing trips to Sweden, gigs she was on, all the meetings with Per she had and even Swedish press-articles about her! So if you want to join the unpredictable and extreme joyride, just visit her website. And yes, Dany’s coming to Europe for “Night of the proms”!

Dany’s Party crasher tour (trailer)
En händig man på turne (part 1/2)
En händig man på turne (part 2/2)

Some of the photos you will be able to see there:

Source: EnHändigBlog

2 thoughts on “Danyela’s “En händig blog”.”

  1. wow… found me!!! OK… “I’m gonna tell you a lot of secrets” there… I’m not “Madonna” but I promise to creat nice videos and stuffs just like “Jonas Akerlund”!!! (joke with madonna documentary directed by Jonas!) rsss have fun, be fan!

  2. Oh YES I will (try 2 trips in one year) $$$!!!! BTW need hostels suggestions as I’m not close to anyone in those countries to beg for a place to stay!!! rssssssss

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