Roxette Attack 2009 on Twitter.

It can sound a little bit of silly (really?) in these days, but it’s worth a try at least. Danyela Etchart from Brazil sent us her blog entry. Read it, think over it and pass on.

A project created by Roxette Fans in South America (“Sudamerica” in Spanish).

Our goals:
1. Bring back Roxette to the media;
2. Make contacts between business companies and Live Nation to bring back Roxette to do concerts in South America.

The beggining:
Roxette Brazil created a petition to bring Per and his band to Brazil during the Party Crasher Tour. Many signatures after and some words from Per & his band, the things have slowed down here in Brazil and Bianca & Alexandre contacted me to shake it a little bit!

As I had to travel to Uruguay, I took this opportunity nox to meet Rosina (a “crazy fan” just like me that since EHM Tour has been travelling to Europe!). We contacted Ezequiel from Argentina and still looking for someone to represent Chile.

ATTACK CREDITS: Bianca Capelletti, Alexandre Carvalho, Rosina Marmion & Danyela Etchart

The “ATTACKplans:
As Roxette doesn’t have any promo stuff yet, that is why I’m developing a package that contain:
RELEASE 2009 (Portuguese & Spanish + soon in English)

These items are based on Roxette Hits and they will be available for download very soon – I’m just finishing the artwork and also trying to contact with some fans that offer theirs help to exchange ideas!! (Gracias Emilio G.! I’ll contact you soon!)

ATTACK CREDITS: Danyela Etchart

The 1st ATTACK!

DAY: July 28th, Tuesday (New Wave Festival starts then)
GOAL: TYPE #ROXETTE many times till complete the 140 allowed letters
WHY: To see ROXETTE releated among the most wanted ‘TRENDING TOPICS’ on TWITTER!!!
ATTACK CREDITS: Caca Neves Jr., member of Roxette Brazil Team.


Roxette Attack on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Roxette Attack 2009 on Twitter.”

  1. Hmm. So if “#Roxette” appears at the pending topics people might be interested and click on it.

    And see hundreds of posts containing “#Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette #Roxette”???

    Not sure if that’s a great idea…

  2. ha ha ha, well, that was one of the thoughts I had when I was publishing this article. It isn’t the best idea ever, but sounds kinda fun. And yes, there can be ppl who could write something more interesting just plian #roxette.

    And here are some statistics:

    Assuming Pacific Standard Time, our research indicates:

    Between 12 (midnight) to 6 am PDT: approximately 1200 tweets and about 500 users to be trending.

    Between 6 am to 12 Noon PDT: 1700 tweets and about 733 users

    Between 12 noon to 6 pm: 1500 tweets and about 812 users (this may be because there are more people during this time but they tweet a lot less)

    Between 6 pm to 12 midnight: 1900 tweets and about 922 users

    Some points to note: These numbers will vary by nature of topic, date and appeal of topic worldwide. This gives you a rough estimate or a ballpark, but is not in anyway comprehensive.

  3. I like the idea but it really would be better to write reasonable things like “#Roxette at the NOTP in autumn” or “New #Roxette single out soon” or “#Roxette are back – read here…” I see that we have to post it a lot more in that case but it’s really better than to write “#Roxette” only.

  4. Yes. I wonder if twitter doesn’t filter multiple keywords in one post anyway. Would be stupid not to do.

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