TV5, LNT & Rossiya to broadcast the opening night

Rossiya and LTN TV-stations logos. Three TV-stations are going to broadcast the opening night of New Wave Festival from Jurmala in Latvia.

– Latvian TV5: New Wave Festival blog: 17.50-18.00 (+02.00 GMT), Red carpet: 18.00-18.30 (+02.00 GMT), Concert: 18.45-21.50 (+02.00 GMT)
– Latvian LNT: 20.35-23.50 (+02.00 GMT)
– Russian Rossiya: 22.00-01.15 (+03.00 GMT)

(Updated) You can try to watch TV5 in these two online streams: 1 or 2. No idea if it’s going to work tomorrow, though.

Updated on July 28: Russain music station MY3 is going to broadcast 30-minutes report from Jurmala at 20.30 local time (+03.00 GMT) every day from today till August 2.

Thanks to Evgeny (Ivanych) & Christa @ R2R. Special thanks for useful links to stuey121 from TDR board.

8 thoughts on “TV5, LNT & Rossiya to broadcast the opening night”

  1. Central Europe is Latvia -1 hour, Russia -2 hours
    So CET Summer time:
    – Latvian TV5: New Wave Festival blog: 16.50-17.00, Red carpet: 17.00-17.30, Concert: 17.45-20.50
    – Latvian LNT: 19.35-22.50
    – Russian Rossiya: 20.00-22.15

  2. I can’t wait to see them performe again. But I’m also very excited about upcoming interviews. What will Marie and Per say about future plans, new recordings, singles, albums.

  3. I´m watching TV5 online…too slow, but at least i´m watching it. Where is Rox? Or is too late?

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