Heartland cafe’s demos.

Some truely uknown rarites were revealed lately – Gyllene Tider’s (or: the very first Roxette’s album’s) “Heartland cafe” demos from 1983.
Heartland cafe - Gyllene Tider.
Another Place, Another Time
Demon Emptiness
When Love’s On The Phone (You Just Have To Answer)
Even If It Hurts (It’s Alright)

Run Run Run
Break Another Heart
Teaser Japanese
Can You Touch Me

Thanks for the one who wanted to share with these versions!

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  1. hi…The Heartland cafe was relased internationally in February 17, 1984 It was a first or a pre first album(personal opinion) of Roxette because Marie Fredriksson participated on chorus. “But In preparing for international relased, Capitol requested that the members come up with a less indigenous name — Gyllene Tider is Swedish for “golden age”. They decided on the title of a 1975 Dr. Feelgood song, Roxette.”
    I have this lp format-swedish edition and It´s fantastic! You can have in your hand a part of history Gyllene tider+Gessle+Marie: born Roxette
    This picture is from swedish edition, the american edition says Roxette in a cover. I only saw this published in e-bay but only the single of The Hearland cafe album
    Good blog!

  2. Yes, in fact all demos available so far and other tracks; too much to mention here 🙂 If you want I can send you a list somewhere.
    Here is still one I got along with the HC demos; the version of “Ingen Kan Som Du” by Marie with GT.


    Enjoy 🙂

  3. thanks alot

    I will send you later a list what im looking for.

    Im so also looking songs from the Modern Times period

    Beating heart and to play with fire i have that .

    Im also looking for the 12″ maxi version of

    Teaser Japanese
    Sommartider Remix 1989
    Flickorna pa TV2 remix 1989

    Mamas Barn (Not the album version)

  4. Yeah, you may send a list with all the demos/ other tracks, will be great


    I’m from Belgium, you?

  5. Thanks!!! I’m really curious about how these sound, given that it seems that I’m one of the few people who actually like Heartland Café a lot:)

  6. Tanks Mary5958. And the rest of demos The Hearland cafe?

    Break Another Heart
    Another Place, Another Time
    Demon Emptiness
    When Love’s On The Phone (You Just Have To Answer)
    hearland cafe demo


  7. As far as I know only those 7 are available. The very first things listed in the article seem to have been the versions from the album that were uploaded mistakenly instead of the demos 🙂

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