8 thoughts on “Per Gessle – August 2009.”

  1. That’s true. One should differenciate between public/promo material and private/shared things.

  2. I didn’t ask because, first of all, it was published in a public forum and secondly – there’s only Per, no other person. If it should remain private, it shouldn’t have been published there.

    Anyway – I understand your point of view (copyrights and so on…), so if you feel bad about this pic here, I can delete it. No problem. Sorry for any inconvenience or troubles.

  3. When someone publishes something selfmade on the web it doesn’t mean he wants to give up control where and how it appears. Asking doesn’t hurt. 😉

    Say, you run a website with Roxette chart info. Would you be happy if someone copied the whole site to another domain? I’d be glad to keep some copyrights… 🙂

  4. Of course asking doesn’t hurt, but if someone publishes sthg on the public forum, he/she has to realise that someone can use it. It isn’t really “private picture”, cos there isn’t lonely_girl on it. I can understand the size of this pic and the reason why she put a water-sign. I can understand why she wasn’t very happy, but anyway – this site is about information from every single site in the world. If I had started asking Expressen/Aftonbladet about their rights, I would have never published translations of theirs article.

    Yep, it’s easier to keep in touch with lonely_girl, but I hope you understood my point.

    Once again, sorry for using this photo.

  5. I think that reprint a non commercial photo published on a non commercial forum is something different than copy whole page code or verbatim page content. If you use the chart values from my site and make your own web page, no problem, I did the same when I was collecting them from Hitlistan and Co..

    I have “copyright: author or source page” for every pic/article taken from “commercial” sources on my sites. I think it’s enough.

    Did somebody asked Per for permission to make picture of him, to treat with it, to publish this picture etc. I think he doesn’t care, through that he suppose it will happen. You should do too when publishing it.

    This site (and many others) is for fans, from fans, it’s all about sharing news with other fans. So don’ t be so egoistic with MYYYY PICTURE. Don’t share it on public web then or publish it on you own registrated domain.

    Sorry, I am working with open source tools so I am oversensitive to all these nowadays “overcopyrighting” tendencies.

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