More about Roxette re-release:

Pearls of passion, 1986 (3 bonus tracks e.g. Neverending Love [Tits and Ass demo 1986])
Look sharp!, 1988 (3 bonus tracks)
Joyride, 1991 (3 bonus tracks e.g. “The sweet hello, the sad goodbye”)
Tourism, 1992 (2 bonus tracks e.g. “Fingertips ’93”)
Crash!Boom!Bang!, 1994 (3 bonus tracks e.g. “Almost unreal”)
Have a nice day, 1999 (3 bonus tracks)
Room service, 2001 (3 bonus tracks)

My comment: It’s strange that there are so little bonus tracks. As you may recall, Pearls of Passion (1997 edition) got 8 bonus tracks and now we will get 5 less. Hope to get really nice booklets instead 🙂