Per’s comment on re-releases.

The reason why EMI is re-releasing and re-mastering all the Rox albums is because they are out of print in some territories. Also, the sound was not up to date. Some albums are really old, folks! So… it’s not EMI’s intention (or Roxette’s for that matter) to make these albums “collector items” or fill them with demos and unreleased stuff. We’ll find other ways to do that, trust me.

Cheers, P.


1 thought on “Per’s comment on re-releases.”

  1. I like how Per handle this, much nicer when he handle the Rox Box. Anyhoo, my complain days are over, I won’t buy the new releases, but I am glad that if my Rox CD’s ever got broken, I knew there are new one with better qualities waiting out there.

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