Swedish shops list Roxette re-releases.

The most important Swedish e-shops put Roxette 2009 re-releases on their lists.

The only one which delivers to every country in the world is Bengans.se and re-releases cost 79SEK / 7.90€ / 11.22$. CDON.com got all the albums for 79SEK / 8.95€ and Megastore.se for only 69SEK / 7€. Unfortunately, these two last shops deliver only to the chosen countries.

On the other hand, if you want to buy Roxette orignal releases very cheap and you are Swedish citizen, there is also a chance. Ginza.se has started sale 29SEK for “Pearls of passion”, “Look sharp!”, “Joyride” and “Crash!Boom!Bang!” and Tourism for 49SEK.

5 thoughts on “Swedish shops list Roxette re-releases.

  1. Already ordered Look Sharp! and Joyride from Amazon. Won’t buy the newer albums since I think they really didn’t need a remaster, especially HAND and RS…ok, Room Service isn’t an album that can get better with whatever treatment, no help there…just a lousy crappy album full with lousy songs (except 3 of them).

  2. That’s very harsh! I’d still rate it better than most of the later MF/PG solo stuff, except Mazarin.

    Good: RS, COTH, MATAH, Jefferson, Fool, ITYNTTGH

    Medium: LFJ, MWMLML

    Bad: LG, MMHGP, BMDTTN, Try

    Per tried so hard to make it more up-tempo that he forgot about strong ballads.

  3. I know it was a harsh way to put it, but that’s how it feels for me at the moment. I agree that it’s better than TPC or EHM – which says a lot about TPC and EHM…! I can’t judge on MF’s work since it wouldn’t be objective..

    Medium: Fool, Try (has a special mood) and RS (just because of the Bye bye baby baby..part, the sound is a mess)
    The rest is just crap..songs you forget immediately after you heard them for the first time.

  4. I think RS is really really weak, but I think the worst album ever is EHM. I don’t even have that CD in my property.
    I used to think HAND wasn’t that good, but I started to like it, I think the production made the songs worse than they should have been..

  5. I actually think that all ballads on HAND are really strong. And even if the production isn’t the best it’s still better than the treatment the best song on RS (MaTaH) got. The HAND ballads have a true, deep sound and you immediately can feel what they mean. And I don’t get the feeling with the ballads on RS – except MaTaH. They sound like “so, here is another ballad, sha la la, sorry, we didn’t have enough time to tell the story with the sound as well.” 😀

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