“Gessle over Europe” trailer!

The Cutting Room, the leading Nordic sound production company with over more than 25 years in the industry, has just finished Per Gessle’s latest DVD “Gessle Over Europe – Party Crasher On Tour”. The show was taped by Arena Grande in Cirkus, Stockholm on May 9, 2009. On the same site you can watch 3:05 minutes long trailer (fans from Brazil and Argentina spotted as well as “Dressed for success” is possible to watch) of “Gessle over Europe” DVD.


Thanks to Txiqui @ R2R.

8 thoughts on ““Gessle over Europe” trailer!”

  1. Hej All,

    I’ve just ‘stumbled’ onto this little gem of a blog & withing 20 minutes I’ve pre-ordered a copy of the CD+DVD release of ‘Gessle over Europe’ !

    Down here in Australia, we are resonably isolated from all the new Rox action going on, my dream of dreams would of course be to have NOTP ’09 tix, but alas – I’m 12,000kms & $$$$$ away from that dream.

    Thankgoodness the web had made to Cyber-world a close place for everyone to find eachother! =)

    Congrats to the Blog creators, it looks great.

    Meantime I have a parting question:-

    Is the May 09th Concert DVD of ‘Party Crasher’ which is apparently on this release, the one where Marie joins PG on stage for the 1st time?? ie the official ‘Comeback’
    ON MY 50″ PLAZMA…oooooh, pls let it be so, I already shed tears just from the you tube clip, lol…

    Keep on Roxing all, Loz Downunder

  2. @Lozroxer

    Unfortunately, there won’t be any recordings of Marie’s appearance on Cirkus gig, cos only the first one concert on May 9th was recorded in HQ and the second one only in audio. These two songs (from May 10) are circulating over the internet, cos Per played them on radio once.

    But I suppose – though there won’t be Marie – “Gessle over Europe” gonna rock! 🙂

    And thanks for all your thoughts!

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