On April 29th we started with Roxetteblog, not really knowing where this would lead us to. Five months later, we get a big smile on our faces when we see:

  • We have written 209 posts, to which you wrote 389 comments
  • We have had about 4,000 unique visitors per month and 102,000 views in these 5 months

We now think it’s time for three things:

  • Thank you all for your support!!!
  • Thank you for your contribution to the site as well: keep the articles and news coming!
  • Ask you for your feedback:  we would like to know what you like and you dislike about this website. What you miss, what we could do to improve it.

You can leave your messages here, or use the contact form or our Twitter account @roxetteblog. Thanks!

And I personally want to thank the team behind Roxetteblog: Tomasz, Kirsten, Sascha and Jiri for their time investigating and writing great articles 🙂