Remasters to be released in Spain and Poland.

As Per Gessle promised, Roxette 2009 remasters pop up in other territories. It seems like the Polish premiere is going to take place on October 12th (according to two webshops) and Spanish in the end of October. Strangely, Polish prices are almost two times higher than the Swedish/German ones.

Source: Roxspain,,

3 thoughts on “Remasters to be released in Spain and Poland.”

  1. I just have seen, that will start to send the orders from 11th of October and the price is 51,99 and it is around 13 E. it is possible to but in Sweden two times cheaper? no way.
    btw. they written also that the waiting time is min 1o! days… nice 🙂

  2. In Sweden you can buy your remaster for about about7 euros. So I was suprised how how prices in Poland are. Anyway, I don’t have any plans in buying theses albums right now. waiting for the sale! 🙂

  3. I’m really curious if will some remastered album chart in SverigeTopplistan Top 60. We will see, if not tommorrow then next Friday.

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