What do we expect after all?

So, it’s only 18 days to go until they’re back on stage. Seven years,  a cruel illness and several solo albums later Roxette will be live on stage again.
When I listened to the remastered version of  “Listen to your heart” I suddenly felt what the Night of the Proms could become for all of us. To hear these songs with a big orchestra will be an extraordinary, breathtaking and brandnew feeling for all of us.

And of course, it’s a big chance to see Per and Marie live again. And it’s most probably the biggest tour they will and certainly also CAN do. So, what are your expectations? Do you join the tour at all? Which shows will you attend and can you live with the fact they’re doing five songs only? Are you anxious? Since I am a big Marie fan I can tell that I still hope she really CAN do this tour, handle the stress and the fans and simply enjoy every minute on stage. It’s clear that we really should enjoy every second we get!

5 thoughts on “What do we expect after all?”

  1. Im from Argentina and Im going to Frankfurt. I dont want to put any expectation. I want to be surprise. I just want to enjoy this. To have the chance to see ROXETTE 2009 is the best thing I couldnt imagine. It`s a gift from GOD. Thank you!.

  2. I have no expectation really. I do hope they will have fun on stage and everyone will notice that! And if they’re happy while performance, the whole show will be incredible.

    Anyway, I’m not going this time. Cirkus gig is all Roxette for me this year. Unfortunately.

  3. I’m from Russia and I’m going to Antwerp. Expectations? None. I’m already SO happy that I’ll just see them together. Just Per and Marie side by side smiling and enjoying the show. I’m already excited as if the show is tonight and I’m a teenager 🙂 And I’m smiling all the time :)))))))) 5 Songs? Well Marie’s happy eyes is enough for me :))))
    P.S. I hope the tickets will be delivered in time… 🙂

  4. Expectations: Goose pumps. Great show, great sound! 😀

    Keeping in mind Per’s comments on this:

    So Per, let’s fire away: what can we expect from Roxette at the Proms? Did you find any new dimensions in the songs?
    – First of all this is a great opportunity for Marie and myself to get back together again without trying to do a full-scale Roxette concert. At this point we’d like to take everything concerning Roxette step by step. Also, of course, it will be thrilling to perform some of our biggest songs (especially “Wish I Could Fly,” “It Must Have Been Love” and “Listen to Your Heart”) with a big orchestra & choir. Clarence’s & Christoffer’s arrangements are truly stunning. And the idea of having strings on “The Look” sounds very South Park to me. I love it.

    Sounds nice. And how will you meet Marie’s nowadays more limited mobility on stage?
    – Well, like I said, we take everything step by step. Time will tell how much she wants to work the stage. I don’t know yet. But I don’t consider this to be a problem. Her voice and presence are still magical.

    Any advice regarding fans’ (un)realistic expectations?
    – No. Enjoy the shows. We certainly will.

  5. I don’t really know what to expect.. on one side, I just want to go there and ENJOY, like I did with PG (feat. Marie;)) in May.
    On the other hand, I am kind of nervous, the last concert I saw of Rox in Sthlm Globen and Göteborg were very disappointing, the last good performance of them I saw live was the showcase in Barcelona, early 2001.
    Of course, saw them in May, but that was no Rox, that was Per with guest.
    So.. I am nervous, will the feeling be there again? Or will it just be like November 2001, perform the songs as they are planned, smile a couple of times and then go?

    I am not that worried about Marie (if she can do it or not, I am sure she will handle it fine!), but more about the fact that they haven’t been Roxette for way too long and each, specially Per, has had his own way for many years. Will they complete eachother as they used to do?

    But all in all, I am excited to see Roxette live again and in a totally different setting 🙂

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