Special offer on Bengans.se

Swedish webshop Bengans.se, which delivers to every country in the world and cooperates with MarieFredriksson.se / Gessle.com / Roxette.se as the official shop, has prepared a special offer regarding “Gessle over Europe” premiere. The album costs 159SEK and the postage is relatively low – 29 SEK for Sweden, 45 SEK for European Union and just 55 SEK for the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, you can order only GOE and the freight is per unit.

Source: Gessle.com

2 thoughts on “Special offer on Bengans.se”

  1. Really ?? – This is either good or bad for me….

    I mean I ordered GOE from Bengans.se just yesterday 8/10 ( Im in Australia ) – I hope I didn’t miss the offer!! :-/

  2. Well, I’m sure you’ve paied 159 SEK for your GOE copy, but if you haven’t bought your album from this link with this special offer, so you paied a lot more for postage.

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