Roxette rehearsals in Antwerp will start on October 17

According to Jonas Isacsson’s post on Facebook, Roxette will fly to Antwerp, Belgium the next Saturday on October 17 to “programme guitars’ sound under the whole weekend”.

Update: Jonas is going to play the guitar through the whole show, not just Roxette.

7 thoughts on “Roxette rehearsals in Antwerp will start on October 17”

  1. Aaah, I love Facebook. 😉
    He wrote that they aren’t allowed to use amps because they want a total separation of orchestra and the “electric” band. Aaaah, I can’t wait!! It’s only two weeks to go. Glad I bought a ticket for the first show.

  2. Countdown time! 😀

    Unfortunately I can’t read his post as a facebook non-member… “aren’t allowed to use amps”: I don’t understand..? We won’t here anything beside the orchestra without amplifiers! 😉
    Not to forget he’s the guitar player for the whole show, not just Rox.

  3. Yes, he does! 🙂

    Question: “Wird Christina Stürmer mit ihrer Band auftreten oder übernimmt das die Electric Band? Wird die Electric Band wieder komplett in der alten besetzung Antreten, sprich Laurie Wisefield, John Miles, Trevor Murrell und Rogier van Wegberg?”

    Producer Dirk Hohmeyer: “Hi Dennis, Christina kommt alleine und wird von unserer Band begleitet. Laurie ist dieses Jahr nicht dabei, seinen Gitarrenpart übernimmt Jonas von Roxette (und hier&da auch John). Geert Keysers (wie schon letztes Jahr) spielt wieder die Keyboards.”

  4. OMG! Jonas plays with Christl! 😀 didn’t know that! I think he’s gonna hear some “jonaaas joooonnaaas” during the show 😀

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