Den standiga resan turné 1992.

DSR tour 1992.Live in Uppsala on December 16 or 17, 1992 at Universitetsaulan.
Part 1
Part 2

Live in Luleå on November 25, 1992 at Pontushallen.
or here track by track:

Live in Stockholm on December 7 or 8, 1992 at Cirkus.
Part 1
Part 2


Lighting and stage design by Pontus Lagerbielke.


# Marie Fredriksson (vocals and grand piano).
# Margareta Andersson (backing vocals).
# Mikael Bolyos (keyboards)
# Anders Herrlin (bass)
# Magnus Helgesson (bass)
# Jonas Isaksson (electric guitars)
# Christer Jansson (percussion)

Thanks to Leo.

UPDATE, October 10th: I uploaded Luleå 1992 again – first two tracks don’t skip on this one.
Enjoy: Live in Luleå

9 thoughts on “Den standiga resan turné 1992.”

  1. 1. Där isen är som tunnast
    2. Det regnar igen
    3. Värdighet
    4. Det jag verkligen ville
    5. Den ständiga resan
    6. Så länge det lyser mittemot
    7. Ett hus vid havet
    8. Mot okända hav
    9. Ännu doftar kärlek
    10. Tid för tystnad
    11. Den där novemberdan
    12. Vem tror du att du är?
    13. Kärlekens skuld
    14. Medan tiden är inne
    15. Ett enda liv
    16. Så stilla så långsamt
    17. Den sjunde vågen
    18. Mellan sommar och höst
    19. Sparvöga
    20. Band introduction
    21. Bara för en dag
    22. Efter stormen
    23. Felicia – adjö
    24. Den bästa dagen

  2. Hi!

    I have a Mac computer and was wondering how i can open these .rar files? Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

  3. Firstly, let me say thank you SO MUCH to the people who were involved in sharing and posting these concerts. I have wanted to hear these songs live for years and it is such a gift to finally have them. ‘Ett Enda Liv” is phenomenal and this acoustic version of “Efter Stormen” is so sweet.

    I am having a problem though with the first 2 songs of the Lulea show – they appear to skip severely. Does anybody else have this problem and are there “clean” versions that can be reposted? Also, some of the last songs from different concerts (obviously “Man That Got Away” is) and does anybody know which ones if they are?

    I am so happy I cannot explain (but I am sure many of you understand 😉

  4. Ok, I just noticed that I have a completely different recording filed under Luleå – the songs don’t skip but right now I am not too sure whether it’s really Luleå or maybe Stockholm. I am going to upload the recording I have *now*. Stay tuned..

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