7 thoughts on ““I never loved a man (the way I loved you)””

  1. This video is taken from the DVD Chiparamba Foundation. I was looking for this one a long time. Is there someone who has a rip from dvd to share with us?. I tried to contact the foundation several times and never i got an answer. Im travelling to Sweden in December. I will go to the foundation and try to get a copy of the dvd. I think the foundation doesnt exist anymore. Someone has the dvd drop me an email please!. alekslerin_music@yahoo.com.ar

  2. WOW!!! This is sooo great! Marie looks very confident on the stage. It would be great if we can get that dvd.. Marie RULES!!!!!!

  3. @alekslerin

    Well, someone uploaded this DVD on YouTube. Maybe you should ask the owner of this account to help you in getting this DVD?

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