Deluxe Music logoIn a newsletter sent yesterday the German NOTP organization announced that a music channel called Deluxe Music will broadcast NOTP during autumn and winter.  Starting in November, Deluxe Music presents the Nokia Night of the Proms 2006-2008.  On December 20th and 27th Deluxe Music continues the special with shows called “best of early years”.

On January 1st we will get see a “day of the Proms” with unseen material, interviews and pictures from “behind the scenes”. It’s not clear whether the 2009 stuff is included or not.  Since it’s not mentioned it most probably won’t be part of the special at all.

Deluxe Music  is a free-to-air channel you can watch via Astra or German cable and even internet live stream.

Sorry for my poor English. It’s late, I am tired but I needed to write it though. 😉

Source: Nokia Night of the Proms Newsletter 06/09.

Update: Broadcasting dates.

Every sunday from 7 to 8 pm:

8.11.2009: Night Of The Proms 2006 I
15.11.2009: Night Of The Proms 2006 II
With: Mike Oldfield, OMD, Ike Turner, Chico & The Gypsies u.v.m.

22.11.2009: Night Of The Proms 2007 I
29.11.2009: Night Of The Proms 2007 II
With: Paul Carrack, Soulsister, Pur u.v.m.

6.12.2009: Night Of The Proms 2008 I
13.12.2009: Night Of The Proms 2008 II
With: Robin Gibb, Tears For Fears, Kim Wilde, 10CC u.v.m.

20.12.2009: “Best Of Early Years” I
27.12.2009: “Best Of Early Years” II

01.01.2010, 12 pm: DAY OF THE PROMS
Stars, Stories & Highlights of 15 years Night Of The Proms.

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