Helena Josefsson – Fen & Jag [cover + download]

Helena Josefsson posted a message on her MySpace profile:Helena Josefsson - Fen & Jag.

I have recorded a song and made a video with my family and friends, it is called “Fen & jag”!
Waiting for the new soloalbum to get released, I needed to have some fun and I want to give something to you who wait patiently!
I am also playing with my friend Malin, who is a magician (www.malinnilsson.se) and I will be a guest at her show in November! And in spring we will make our very own show with her magic tricks and my popmusic in an exciting fusion! It is so much fun and it is a dream coming true to me…

You can also listen to the song there as well as the French version of “Where does the unused love go?” called “Oublie notre amour KO”. If you are willing to buy “Fen & Jag”, there is a website CDbaby.com found by Evgeny Perekopskiy where you can do it.

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