Night of the Proms logoAs we informed previously, Roxette went to Antwerp, Belgium yesterday. Tonight they will have the first rehearsal, Per Gessle informs on his Twitter – it is a very probable it will be a rehearsal with the orchestra.

Only 5 day are left till Night of the Proms tour start in Antwerp.

We got following information from Pascal:

According to a post from Proms organizer Jan Vereecke on his weblog, Roxette is currently (19:30 GMT+1, on 18-10-2009) doing a soundcheck. Tomorrow the band will do a first rehearsal without orchestra. A full rehearsal with orchestra is scheduled for Tuesday.

Update October 19, Per writes on twitter:

Great rehearsals last nite. Had a ball playing with Jonas again.
And Marie’s singing was yeehaa! Looking good.