Helena Josefsson on her new song and website.

Helena Josefsson on her new song “Fen & Jag”:

While waiting for my second solo album to get released, I have made this song together with Martinique and Per from my band Sandy Mouche, just for the fun of it. I wrote it and they produced it for me. It is about how I met a fairy one day who said she could give me a new life, to live my life all over again, so I could erase my mistakes and get released from the sadness I have gone through. But my answer to her is, that I now understand that all the tears and the laughter would lead me to where I am today, and I don´t want to change a thing. It was all worth it. Now that I have managed to get a child and my own, new family. When the vocals were recorded, my baby boy was sitting on the floor playing. You can actually hear him in the song, too! At 1.17!

On her website:

Unfortunately my homepage is dead at the moment, but just wait a couple of days and it will be back!

On the cover of “Fen & Jag”:

The new single “Fen & jag” has a cute cover made by Martinique