NOTP Countdown:

Sarahdenrara at R2R forum informs us, that there is also a blog in French/Dutch from one of the singers of the choir called Maurice (it is his nickname):

He writes today that he thinks Per is really into it and happy to be there, Marie too even if she seems a bit fragile. He adds that you have to keep in mind that artists never give a 100% during rehearsals.

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  1. Maurice ( about the first show rehearsal :
    Marie seems to feel more comfortable when she can sing “in force” ( “The Look”, “Joyride”). As a soloist on the ballads, she seems a little timide.
    Maurice thinks that with the support of the fans, she will feel more at ease.
    Per was impeccable, even if he didn’t go to the bottom
    He also notes that for the interventionS(!?) of Roxette, the Electric Band is replaced by the Rox band.

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