NOTP Countdown: Media is picking up!

jan-per-marieSwedish newspaper Expressen has a somewhat bigger article about Roxette’s stage comeback today. Including interview bits with Clarence! Read here (in Swedish)

And if possible, don’t miss the report about Rox at the Proms of Belgian TV channel EEN tonight: “Is Roxette ready for NOTP?” Seems to be an interview and footage from the rehearsals yesterday.

Edit: You can watch the report online (in English)

Update, December 30: The video was redirected to Youtube. Thanks Project_Z!

19 thoughts on “NOTP Countdown: Media is picking up!”

  1. Unfortunately, there’s nothing new (or interesting) in Expressen article. There was a press release today from TT Spectra Agency and they have almost copied that article. The funny and the most interesting thing is that they’re talking about 45 shows… does it mean they consider some kind of Spring tour in Spain, France and Poland (cos then NOTP shows will take place then there)?

    Anyway – would love to have this video from Belgian TV downloaded. Anyone???

  2. Cool video! Aaah, it’s gonna be DAMN special on friday!!! I am already crying just thinking about it.

  3. Does anybody download the video?
    I did, but the program that captured it didn’t include the audio… I’m about 2hs trying to find out why… gave up… let me know if someone got it with audio!
    I can put the video without audio on youtube but…

  4. It’s really SO emotional to see them together again… I’m so happy I can go to Antwerp not to Munich as I planed because now I understand I couldn’t wait so long 🙂
    PS I’m another ” feel like 13 again” 🙂

  5. The online video of the report was removed a couple of hours ago… I contacted EEN about this… They replyed that they were only allowed to put it online for such a short time…

  6. So Mary got the audio and Bianchitta the video. We could combine them! Bianchitta, could you? Or upload the video file?

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