NOTP tour: Antwerp, October 23, concert #1

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Photos: (c) Kirsten Ohlwein.

Follow this link to find many photos from taken by (c) Edwin Houdevelt (Before the opening)

by Ashton Reports

Per Gessle’s comments:

Cheers from Antwerp. Great gig tonite, wonderful crowd, we felt very welcome. Marie’s very happy despite bad throat (penicillin). I loved it

Chris still sick. He was a brave man, beautiful playing as always. My guitar was out of tune during The Look but.. hey… can’t win ’em all! 7 hours ago

Official videos:

The look (live)

Thank you

Fans stories:



You can follow her twitter reports from the concert here. Some excerpts:
Kirsten standing in the queue with some Brazillian and German friends:
“WICF Marie in blue, wow. Problems with the text it seems. Great. OMFG. This voice.”
“She sang ‘halfway through the night’ three times in a row. But honestly: who cares? Per is rocking in a suit.”
“OMFG! The audience rocks with Rox. Fabulous. Get your tickets ppl. LTYH was more than a blast!”
“Pics and recording later tonight. At around 2.30 I think. Haha. Tried with the cell, didn’t work.”
“Chris got stomach flu. MF was nervous but she did great after WICF. LTYH was a blast!! And Per came out later.”

SIFO-DYAS (Source)

Tonight I saw the first of many “Night of the Proms”-concerts in which classic music and modern music is played in a random order. Tonight I saw John Miles with his fabulous song “Music” amongst a few others, Toots Thielemans: probably the most famous Belgian artist ever who worked with famous people such as Sting and Steven Spielberg and who became one of the best harmonica-players ever, OMD (some mediocre British band who only have one good song, I believe, which is Anola Gay), the female lead singer of the Dutch Gothic band called Within Temptation and one of the best of the evening was a Hungarian duo of identical twin brothers who’s name was the Katona twins. They were absolutely fantastic with playing their guitars.

But for me personally, the cherish on the cake was ….. the return of ROXETTE!! Ever since their lead female singer Marie Fredriksson became the unfortunate victim of a sudden case of cancer, it was to be believed that the band Roxette was gone forever. More disturbingly so was that Marie might not even be the same person anymore … IF recovery was an option at all …

To see Marie Fredriksson perform live again was so hauntingly beautiful that I immediately started crying with their first song (which incidently is the beautiful, violin-driven “Wish I could fly”). I have never cried like that for a person who’s basically a stranger (read: non related) and the last time that I did cry like that was when I lost both my grand-fathers.

Did anyone of you ever experience a moment where you start to cry for someone whom you’ve never really known, but because of your undying respect for this person, their sad moments make you all sappy …

I’m not ashamed to admit that Marie Fredriksson is truly my number one Female Artist éver! She’s awesome and touching with beautiful ballads and extremely cool in singing poprock-songs.
Per (the male lead) on the other hand writes most of the songs and the guy is God in writing catchy poprock-tunes, as far as the live aspect goes for Roxette, it’s definitely Marie who does that! LOL!

Thanks for reading all the way through and leaving me with your opinion; in case you’re interested.

YouTube Clips:

NOTP official report

Entrance on the stage
Wish I could fly by Kiwein1
The Look
It must have been love
Listen to your heart by Kempelactueel

Taken by Kirsten:
The Look | Joyride | Listen to your heart

Media reports/reviews: (or:)

The review of the very first concert was published on Aftonbladet. Translation was published on TDR. (photo + LTYH) (“Listen to your heart” & “Joyride” excerpts)

Den Brabo

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