NOTP Countdown: Interview and impressions

After the full rehearsals yesterday, NOTP producer Jan Vereecke looks very impressed by Marie’s big metamorphosis on stage. He writes on his blog:

I think I’m perhaps most impressed by the rapid metamorphosis of Marie from Roxette: at the first rehearsal a little withheld, but now very strong, certainly the vocals – that bodes well for tomorrow.

I also believe we have no idea of what an emotion the Swedish guests will express when Per and Marie stand on stage. No doubt welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd… There will be many wiping tears away tomorrow …

(half-automatic translation by Google and me 😉 )

Then there’s an interview with Per and Marie in Belgian paper “Nieuwsblad”. We’re hoping for a proper translation or summary of that. Just a teaser: Album. Recordings in hotelroom. Please leave your comment! 😀

Also an interview on Belgian radio JoeFM this morning.

Thanks Project_Z for the news tips! Sources: Jan’s blog | (both in Dutch)

Edit: R2R user spyboo provides us a short summary of some interesting parts.

Roxette have a full recording studio in their hotelroom, so they can jam and work on a new album. Marie has kept singing during her illness, as it keeps her strong. After the small concerts she gave last year, she felt the need to come back with Roxette.

Per has a lot of respect for Toots Thielemans (87 year old Belgian musician, who’s also playing at the Proms). Next to the shows and recording, they are just going to enjoy the time. Per thinks about buying some diamonds and going to the zoo with his son, as they have a new baby elephant here.

Edit 2: Check out the full translation by Project_Z in the comments!

Edit 3: The scan of this article was sent to us by Wim Van Beeck. Thanks!

Scan from the newspaper.

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  1. Swedish supergroup Roxette makes comeback at Night of the Proms
    “We have missed the stage and the fans”

    Seven years ago they would have come. But then Marie Fredriksson (51) was diagnosed a brain tumor. She fought for her life, and kept dreaming of a Roxette-comeback. That honor is for our country. Tonight she and Per Gessle (50) are on stage at the Antwerp Sportpaleis. “Nobody can imagine how hard we are looking forward to this.”

    One big question for this Night of the Proms. Can Roxette, the Swedish band around Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, still let explode a concerthall with their superhits from before? And more precise : has singer Marie still the great voice from before 2002, when she got cancer?
    Yesterday, n the Diamond-hall of the Antwerp Radisson Blu-Hotel, Marie left a bit faint impression at the press-presentation. Rather nervously, few words, cautious pace. But we really must not worry, the entourage tells. On stage she is still a bomb.

    A comeback at The Night of the Proms. Face it, Per: that is bizarre.
    Per Gessle: “It is the perfect way to start again. We want to take it easy this time. No world tour with heavy concerts. Now we stay long time in the same place, and we have no more than four or five songs to perform each evening. And still, it is a very big step for us. If you asked 3 years ago, if Roxette would ever be on stage again, then I would have answered no.
    And now I sit here next to Marie.”

    Is this “fun for once” or are you completely back?
    Per Gessle: “That will we decide around Christmas, when we have this behind us. But anyway the sense is there to start it again. In our hotel in Antwerp one room is a fully equipped as a recording studio. We are on the Proms-stage accompanied by the Roxette musicians. They can therefore also come in to jam and perform in the hotel. So the chance is high that there wil be a new album. I have finished every album I started in my life. Chances are high it succeeds again. ”

    You were very ill, Marie. Does your voice still sounds like the old days?
    Marie Fredriksson: ‘I kept singing during my illness. Every day. It gave me the strength to keep fighting. The fans don’t need to worry.

    Are you nervous to perform again for so many people?
    Marie Fredriksson: “Nervous is a big word. We have already seen many things in our career. But I am especially very curious about things to come. I missed the stage and the fans. Last year I had some small concerts in Sweden. And then I knew for sure: I have to go on tour with Per again. ”

    Are the Swedish fans not disappointed because you chose Belgium for your comeback?
    Per Gessle: “I think they are particularly happy that Roxette is back. And Belgium is not that far away. I’m sure that a pack of Swedes will make the trip. Fans from around the world have indicated that they come to Antwerp. There are even South Americans who fly to Europe especially for us in the coming weeks. ”

    You know the other artists on the poster?
    Per Gessle: “I met John Miles in 2002, the year that we unfortunately could not be there. I didn’t know the others. But now we have rehearsed. Toots Thielemans is an incredible musician. My God, how he stands on stage. At that age. He really blew me out of my socks. They told me he was 87. Respect! I can only dream that I’m still in that good shape. I thought that my mother was the oldest person in the world, but it is Toots (laughs).

    You remain in our country for a few weeks. What will you do except performing and recording in the hotel room ?
    Per Gessle: “No idea. We’re going to enjoy it as much as possible. And maybe I’ll go buy some diamonds. Or go to the Zoo with my son – he comes to the premiere. I heard there is a baby elephant born. What is it called again? Kai-Mook? We should certainly go there.”

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