Gessle’s concert on the Swedish radio P4 [on November 14]

I know it’s difficult to think about our idols’ solo careers at the moment when so many things are happening in the rox-world, but I have to remind you that tonight on P4 Live Per Gessle’s Cirkus concert from May 2009 will be broadcasted as well as the new (hopefully) interview with the Man.

According to P4 website, the radio station has recorded both concerts on May 9th and 10th.


Don’t know what is happening, but P4 does not broadcast the concert.

Edit 1: 11-minutes interview with Per Gessle on P4.

Edit 2: From Something has gone wrong, P4 is not airing Per’s concert, but a Ted Gärdestad tribute.

Edit 3: The concert will be broadcasted on November 14. P4 apologized for this problem.

9 thoughts on “Gessle’s concert on the Swedish radio P4 [on November 14]”

  1. Yea, must have been some last minute change for some reason. Curiously if you go to the webradio page it still lists Per’s concert but there is really something different.

  2. Yep. On the other hand, there is a radio interview. Nothing new was mentioned, though I like the part about a little bus from Siberia which came for Warsaw concert! 😉

    And yes, I wrote to P4 and asked what had happened. If there was some songs from May 10, then it would have been worth to listen to it.

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