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No new vids at from yesterday’s gig. Forgot my camera on the barstool. Might pop up something this evening though…

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I was there – and when I came out I wish hadn’t gone. I can think about the Rox performance as long as I want – it doesn’t get better. Marie looked uncomfortable, nervous and actually as if someone FORCED her to come on stage. First verse of WICF got lost again, problems during LTYH, too, on which Per helped her (great guy!!) and most of the time she actually didn’t sing at all – her throat problem must be heavy!! I really hope she gets well soon.


I was at the 2nd prom concert tonight, and I must say I’m quite sad. I read all the positive stuf about the first one but I dindn’t expect this.

P&M came on stage and the audience went crazy, they both looked very great. But when marie started the 1st verse of WICF, she completely lost her lines. Here voice was very shaky and she kept on singing the wrong words and finaly she started mumbling. I noticed a lot of people went like “oh no”, I think I even saw Per thinking somethings went wrong.

My hopes were still high for part 2 were they performed the other 4 songs, but Marie was still very unsure. Her voice dropped out a couple of times.

In LTYH, all the modulations in the end are left away, so the song stays low, and still she couldn’t sing it. Also during The Look and Joyride, here lines sounded very thin and scared. Lots of people in my block that came especially for Roxette were very astonished. Nobody expected her to jump around, neither did I, but I dindn’t see this coming.

I hope she gets stronger more asure during the rest of the concerts.

Per and the band were in a good shape. I really wanted to put a coowl review here, but as a super roxfan, I left antwerp with a sad feeling inside tonight. Anyone blowing me off for being honest, I also could have written, the performence was great, but it just wasn’t.


First of all I apologize for my bad English, does not speak much English. I went there on Saturday with friends – 2 from Spain and 2 from Argentina. I was very close to the stage and the magic moment, incredible, amazing. The surprise of my life was when the orchestra begins with WICF and Roxette emerged from below, I nearly died. Marie was excellent, both are super beautiful. I felt very sorry to see Marie weak and confused, but I have to thank God for giving me a second chance to see them again (first time in Buenos Aires 1999). I was very excited, the public rang with The Look, the version of Listen To Your Heart was the best, the orchestra has been incredible. Roxette is the soundtrack of my life has accompanied me in every moment of my life. I come from a land far away but very dear to them – Argentina. and for me, coming from a country so far and to see them live was a dream come true. I think Marie will become stronger with each show. we must be aware that their lives are complete, with his family and a fortune very important, no need to return to the world of music for something else, but to give the fans the pleasure to see them again. the end of the show went with a group of fans to the garage and Per, Clarence, Gabriel and Pelle came out, it was a gift from God. Per gave me his autograph and had her many photos, incredible.
This is a message for you all, we support Marie and give the support you need, I know that for many it hurts to see Marie in this way, but know one thing, are alive, they are happy and do what they want to be next of their fans. what other issues do not matter … life is one, to enjoy. C `omm join the joyride everybody !!!!!!


Hello all I’m a little late writing my review for the concert on the 24th but I have had a problem with my pc. I attended the concert on the 24th and it was fantastic. I have been a roxette fan since I was 9 years old. I have never had the privilidge of seeing roxette live until this day so it was a dream come true for me. I have seen Per live a couple of times but never with Marie. When they came on stage in Antwerp I cried and I was so exiceted to see them I have uploaded my videos to Youtube. They are not so good quality because I was excited lol. Marie is an insiration to me she is fantastic and I am pround that she came out and gave a perfomance despite being ill. I was very ill a couple of days after I came home from the concert and I hardly got out of bed so I give marie a big thumbs up. Rox on!

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