NOTP tour: photos then and now

User Caleb at the ‘Run to Roxette’ forums posted an interesting photo comparison between poses from the proms and earlier tours. Check it out!

My verdict:

Many years and big fights later – still the same poses! Still very much Roxette!

And when Marie grows more security through the tour she’ll shine brighter and brighter again. 😀

4 thoughts on “NOTP tour: photos then and now”

  1. I really like this comparison-thanx for posting..!!!! 🙂 You see-Marie is still still our Marie ans she will always be! 🙂

  2. MARIE ROCKS! I think she had voice problems cuz she was nervous! (I lost my voice during my final work speach!) Had to rescale to another date!!! But NOTP cant be rescaled! She will be ok after the first concerts… more self-confident, u know! It happens with the best artist!

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