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Per Gessle’s comments:

Those 2 days off were spent with the flu in a hotel bed in sunny Paris. Terrible. Now; 4 shows in a row.

Hooray! Everyone’s healthy again. Marie was out-of-this-world-good last nite and I’m feeling much better, thankyouverymuch.

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Good time?

Per and Marie are little krasliga

Fans stories:



It was a night to remember. But it was too short… Too short…. I wished I should have had several heads. The 1st one to look at Marie. The 2nd to look at Per. The 3rd for the band and the last one for the audience, atmosphere. etc. No laugh. I couldn’t get it all at the same time… I was so anxious for all these and I had so little time that I think I missed a lot of what was happening… I have only one head so excuse me all but I wanted to look at Marie most of all. So I didn’t really realize how the audience reacted on Roxette. But I guess It was nice and people knew the lyrics.

But guys I didn’t care about all these people. There were only Marie and Per for me. I had waited for that moment since 2001. And I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t. I love them with all my heart and I miss them badly. And I admire Marie the way as she is. So I don’t care if she forgets the lyrics or whatever. She was so touching, vulnerable, still a little bit nervous but she was gorgeous. She will always be gorgeous for me. She and Per are now a part of my family. I just happy they exist. And once again I realized I miss them like crazy. I do miss Roxette in my life. Solo stuff… yeah it’s great! But nothing can be compared for me with Marie and Per together!!

I’d also like to say that I think it’s at least impolite to discuss Marie. Excuse me all. I don’t want to hurt anyone. But don’t you think we are not allowed to? No one from us really knows what she has been going through. Can you really understand she could die????!?!?!?!? How can you discuss her coordination, confusing, differences, etc calling yourselves fans and saying you love her!!!.???? It must be a joke!! Do you think she needs such reviews? Yes, thank you very much for such support….. C’mon! Be wise…. She does her best and I do think She is inimitable.

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The Look | Joyride | Joyride & Listen to your heart | The Look & It must have been love

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