NOTP tour: Good news for the next shows

Night of the Proms logoThe international NOTP fanpage provides some fresh info regarding the past and next shows – obviously they spoke/mailed with producer Jan Vereecke:

In our review of the premiere on the 23th of October we concluded that overall the show was good but we complained about the problems regarding the sound. During the rehearsals, Jan reported the sound to be good, but since there is a difference between the sound in an empty and a full arena… The problem is solved now and the quality of the sound became much better. That is good news.

During the weekend, Marie of Roxette got an infection of her throat which caused her voice to be less on the show of last Saturday. Immediatly she was put on medication. On Sunday she sang a lot better and her voice will be back to full strenght from Wednesday on. Also good news.

The running order of the premiere is still applied; the proof that the show was well prepared and jugded by the organization so that no adaption had to be made. Again, good news.

Question of the release for a CD of the Antwerp and The Netherlands edition was not denied by Jan. He wrote:”PERHAPS…”. Wouldn’t that be good news?


Update: Producer Jan Vereecke writes within a post about reactions to the first shows:

… And then Marie was so ill on Saturday that she could barely sing, and it nevertheless has disappointed some people (understandably). … The report of yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) is that her voice got much stronger, but she still suffers a bad cough. We cross fingers for this evening. I hope that we can do a smooth show when Marie’s voice completely returned. …

Source: Jan’s blog

13 thoughts on “NOTP tour: Good news for the next shows”

  1. It was really great to see them again after years and years…
    Marie has still a strong voice!!!! she is amazing, beautiful and she needs our support!!!! we can do it possible?

  2. i forgot : new blog from Jan Vereecke
    “And then Marie was Saturday so ill, she could barely sing, and it nevertheless has disappointed some people (which is understandable) . Per wrote on his blog: “Marie is taking penicillin for her throat. It sounds really terrible but slightly better today than y-day … 2 days off now. She needs that. ” The report of yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) was that her voice is much stronger, but she still suffers a bad cough. We cross our fingers for this evening. When Marie returns completely to voice, I hope we can do a smooth show, and then my residual stress will disappear.”

  3. This is the information that we need to collect and provide on a blog like this! Thanks for picking it up!

  4. Yes! Probably not an easy situation when 250 people are involved (and 16,000 visitors). Somehow reassuring that others suffer too. 😉

    Per: “Those 2 days off were spent with the flu in a hotel bed in sunny Paris. Terrible. Now; 4 shows in a row.” Wonder why he went there for two days..?

    Btw. I read that the artists got ‘Vaccination’ (right word?) against the flu before the tour. Rox excluded?

  5. Maybe they were included and that’s why they are ill. I’m working at the moment with flu vaccination and got to know that it is not so safe to be vaccined…

  6. First Christoffer had the stomach flu, than Marie got a bad cold and cough and now Per has/had the flu?? What is going on in the Rox-camp!! Poor darlings! Get well soon everybody!

  7. Could be, my experience:
    – some colleagues of mine got the flu vaccination last year and then they DID get ill, while others who didn’t, didn’t get ill.
    – My grandma got totally ill some years ago thanks to this damn thing.
    – a friend of mine got lung infection thanks to this damn thing and was 4 (!) weeks ill, 2 of them in hospital

    I think this vaccination is useless. They say that the “real” flu is really bad and that it’s better to get the vaccination and have a “slight” flu, but I wouldn’t call what Marie had a “light flu”.

  8. Per: “Yea, everyone’s ill. Marie and me, Chris Clair, Marie’s fam, Pelle’s fam, Lisa. Only one is still standing: Gabriel’s goldfish!”

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