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Per Gessle’s comments:

Great show last nite. Where? Antwerp of course! Videos out soon on www.roxette.se

Official videos:

Wish I could fly 1 | Wish I could fly 2 | Wish I could fly 3 | The Look 1 | The Look 2 | The Look 3
It must have been love | Joyride | Joyride 2 | Listen to your heart 1 | Gabriel is fantastic
Per does the hoolabaloo | Skånsk Ouzo

Fans stories:



I’ve seen Per and Marie playing live in 1992 and 1994 -quite a while ago- so I did not know what to expect. But I must say they were stunning!!!!Marie’s voice blew everyone away. She sung like a godess! She is not so much jumping as she used to do, but everyone could see the joy in her eyes. And her voice was incredibly pure. Together with 15000 people singing Listen to Your heart. Wowsers!


I’m just back of NOTP….Roxette was amazing, don’t think that I have a voice tomorrow, I was screaming all the songs from the top of my lungs !!!! I was very close to the stage and I could notice that Marie needed help to take the stairs for going to the stage… the braintumor took her out of balance, that poor thing, but lot’s of respect 4 her !!! I don’t think that Roxette will go on tour in the future, I believe that Marie can’t handle a full concert, even when she is a very strong woman, and she is of course, but still……and she still can sing like a bird and all the lyrics were correct!!!! She just needed some practise and she was very nerveuse with the opening of NOTP…….I have enjoyed the other artist too, OMD was great, but only 2 songs ?? C’mon  I will go again next year !!!! And it was a great experience to see Roxette live !!!!!

YouTube Clips:

The Look | Wish I could fly | It must have been love | Joyride | Listen to your heart
The Look

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