“Gessle over Europe” is #1. On Bengans.se charts.

GOE on Bengans.se

…and “Gessle over Europe” LP is currently no 6 on this list. Tomorrow at 9 am Swedish time Hitlistan chart – the official Swedish Top 60 will be published. Which place should we except?

Edit: The album debuted at #24 on Hitlistan chart.

8 thoughts on ““Gessle over Europe” is #1. On Bengans.se charts.”

  1. Don’t wanna be pesimistic but i don’t think it could enter above the top 20. I wish a #1 but duno think so.

  2. Yep, you were right. The album is on #24 in its first week. As I noticed, only in Gothenburg region it sells well (no 2 this week) and in other regions – there is almost no sign.

  3. Yes, i think that the “internet store” of Bengans is located in Gothenburg. So, We put it in the #24! yeah. Anyway i’m still waitin’ for the DVD but i have dowloaded the CD and what to say… the live CD is the best live album that Gessle has been involved in.. Is really nice to hear things i did’t hear during the shows

  4. It’s in Gothenburg for sure. I have even visited this shope once, when kent was signing theirs previous album in 2007 🙂 Looking for poor promotion and almost no reviews (even Expressen and Aftonbladet ignored this album), I would say it’s quite okay. I don’t think Per thought it would sell better than Party crasher album itself.

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