NOTP tour: Antwerp, October 31, concert #7

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Per Gessle’s comments:

Terrific show last nite. TV-recording as well. Great crowd, great band, Marie in top shape! Now, 3 days off.

Official videos:

The Look
| It must have been love | Joyride I | Joyride II

Fans stories:


YouTube Clips:

Wish I Could Fly | The Look | It Must Have Been Love | Joyride

Media reports/reviews:

13 thoughts on “NOTP tour: Antwerp, October 31, concert #7”

  1. They are from yesterday. Look at the presence of the big floating television camera. Per said yesterday’s concert was recorded for TV.

  2. I’ve just noticed, that IMHBL from my comment above has already been uploaded 19 hours ago, so it’s rather unlike, that it is from yesterday… 🙁
    sorry for posting in the wrong area!

  3. The fast upload should be possible since it was done directly from an iPhone. I think it is Saturday since it’s none of the previous dates. And there’s a camera arm for the TV recording Per mentioned. 😉

    So I’ll include it. To bad the cam couldn’t handle the bass. Thanx for the links! 🙂

  4. I see 🙂 Yes, this should be evidence enogh, that they are from yesterday: the cam and the fact, that none is from a previous date!

  5. I wonder if they will use IMHBL for the TV-recording or not (due to the verse mix-up) oh well…

  6. Haha, yes. I really wonder why she mixed it up this time..something must have confused her…I hope (just for her and her feeling good, not for me) this is getting better soon.

  7. It must be horrible for a control freak like Per to be on stage with Marie these days … you never know what she’ll sing/do next (or not sing/do) … poor Per!

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