6 thoughts on “Gessle over Europe – the booklet.”

  1. hi
    i’m new in this blog!
    i’m from italy, and i like all the world off roxette!
    i have order my original copy of the album gessle over europe, and i hope to listen soon this fantastic album.
    two day’s ago i have downloded the song wish i could fly (live in london), from ibs.com, end form me is amazing!!!!!!

    ps. sorry for my english

  2. This seriously looks like the best art Per (or Roxette) has ever released. I can’t wait to get a hold of this here in the States. Thanks for sharing!

  3. @ettexor

    Thanks for nice words! And don’t be ashamed of your English, it’s not our mother tounge, so we don’t have to be so perfect and correct all the time 😉


    Wouldn’t say so. I don’t really like PC/GOE booklets. There is almost no interesting pictures. I miss Mazarin/SOAP/EHM days with Corbijn’s photo sessions…

  4. @tomos85

    I DO love the Corbijn photos as well. Thanks for reminding me how much I like the SOAP book, in particular. 🙂 … I guess there’s just something fun and colorful about the GOE book without it being overdone (like the Party Crasher book) that really appeals to me. Ah well, different strokes.

  5. I got the shipping confirmation from Bengas for my last order ,but guess what ? They “forgot” to include GOE-CD !!! Hope they ship it separately …. and soon !

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